Innovative Designer From Melbourne

Our Story

Lyse The Label, An Innovative Designer From Melbourne, Introduced Their First Size Inclusive Range For Women In 2023. Driven By Personal Experiences Of Feeling Self-Conscious At The Beach And Frustration With The Limited Options That Are Flattering Across Different Sizes And Modest In Design, The Designer Embarked On A Mission To Empower Herself And Fellow Women. The Objective Was To Curate A Collection That Not Only Offered Support And Comfort For Women Of All Sizes  But Also Showcased Designs That Were Both Flattering And Functional.

With a steadfast commitment to surpass the inadequate and unappealing options of unsupportive garments, the designer immersed herself in the creation of the perfect swimwear. The primary focus was on addressing the needs of women with small backs and large busts, aiming to provide a more extensive and inspiring selection that catered to their unique requirements.

Every piece undergoes meticulous handcrafting, utilizing premium fabrications  and expert design techniques to flatter the female form. This guarantees the creation of distinctive garments that harmonize with the wearer's mood—confident, discerning, and truly authentic.

Lyse the Label collection intentionally avoids sizing, catering to individuals ranging from XS to XL and accommodating all shapes and sizes in between. Thanks to the unique stretch of our fabric, the majority of The Authentic Crinkle™ tops and one-piece swimsuits comfortably cater to a broad size range.

We take pride in our collections and our first collection is proudly design and manufactured in Australia.